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When to ask for help:

When you have become overwhelmed by reactions to the many stressful situations that can arise in the course of living. Common reasons to consult may include:

1. Childhood trauma and its aftermath

2. Doing poorly in school or work

3. Relationship problems

4. Anxiety/ depression

5. Grief or anticipatory grief

6. Separation or divorce

7. Major life transitions

8. Confusion or uncertainty about where you are headed in life

Other reasons for consultations may include:

1. If you have reached a point at which you have grown dissatisfied and want more out of life, or a new direction or purpose

2. If you feel your life lacks meaning

3. If you feel isolated, hopeless or helpless

4. If you think a dependency or addiction problem has affected your life

Is your level of distress intense enough that you want to do something about it?

Are you feeling the need for more support in your life to help you manage problems?

Is your distress affecting your personal life, your family, your work or school performance?

Are your problems getting in the way of your ability to function?

If an honest answer to any one of these questions is yes, it is probably time to consider getting help.

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